Bond and inheritance -- seminar for new and old employees of the 20th anniversary of Sea Trade

12 September 2018Events

In this time of constant change, it is especially precious to stick to one thing.


On September 6, new and old employees of Sea Trade gathered together, celebrating the birthday.  At the same time, old employees also had rekindled the dusty memories.


There is no lack of "veterans" among the staff here. Some of them even joined the company when it was still an office.Talking about the ups and downs in the sea trade over the past 20 years, which inclueded not only career peaks and valleys, but also the little drop in life.When it comes to the touching, many colleagues can not help but burst into tears.


Emotions are contagious, just like good movies, even when you're not in them.Some new employees choke with sobs when they heard the stories of their predecessors.


Driven by the old staff, the new also spoke enthusiastically, laughing and tears, in this process,the "inheritance" was well interpreted.