BNSF In Gate Restrictions LPC Chicago

26 March 2019Events

With various weather issues and service interruptions around western rail networks , BNSF LPC is having Ingate restriction again beginning Saturday 03/23 and going through Monday 04/01.

The numbers below are load or empty for all destinations at LPC.
The limit on YM load and empties will be the below first come, first serve.  YM is not responsible for any dry-run.

Saturday (03/23): 26
Sunday (03/24): 10
Monday (03/25 thru 03/29): 62

Saturday (03/30): 26

Sunday (03/31): 10

In addition, for better communication,

BNSF hub team will send out a notice via the RailPass App. 

BNSF will be watching closely and if any SSL is near capacity or close, BNSF will publish via the app.

YM will NOT be responsible for any dry run or storage charge if railroad closes its gate for receiving.